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I know this is a bit old, but I still can’t get my head round V Magazine’s Size Issue (and the fact that I still need to buy it):

I really would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit in love with this. I know Karl Lagerfeld has been a MAJOR douchebag in the past but I’m willing to forgive and forget for a few minutes whilst I swoon all over this editorial:




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2 responses to “v magazine

  1. There’s a little tiny article in this weeks Grazia about fuller figured catwalk models. Lara Stone (the one getting married to David ‘funny man’ Walliams) is apparently plus size when in actual fact she is a size 10 (I reckon). Now, I am a dedicated follower of fashion as you know BUT I cannot abide this skinny minnie take over of the Catwalk. And as for Karl Lagerfeld, he knows how to make a good dress (and fake tattoos) but apart from that his is a bit of a prat! xx

    • femmefat

      Stuff like that really infuriates me because there’s no way a size 10 is in ANY way plus size.

      I really liked Lara in the Louis Vuitton S/S ’10 ads though and she ALWAYS reminds me of Brigette Bardot!

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