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Despite having had the idea (and even name) for this blog several months ago, for some reason or another I’ve had a bout of writer’s block that’s rendered me pretty much useless on the internet, full-stop.

So here I am. A twenty-something, size 20(ish), ‘fat’ girl that enjoys maybe one too many maltesers but also has a keen interest in creating a style that suits which doesn’t involve tents, beige and linen trousers. Utter those three items to me and away you’ll be sent. There’s no room in my wardrobe for drab, thanks. I’m big, not boring.

Having always been ‘the fat kid’, I have struggled my way through fashion considerably: from adopting baggy t-shirts in an attempt to hide myself, to fully embracing Clarissa Darling’s ‘anything goes’ approach – both resulting in many a faux pas.

Cheap, cheerful and chubby, I’m hoping this blog will be a chronicle of my struggles and successes in a world where fashion still fails to fully acknowledge fat.


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