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outfit of the day/dodgy doodles

Excuse the amateurish doodle but I thought I’d try something a bit different. It’s just a shame it doesn’t really look like me and I’m completely unable to draw leopard print:


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if you buy me this your life will be better

Despite adding a few things to the ‘blogging’ list this week, it’s been so busy at work I haven’t even had the chance to breathe. And when I have, it’s mostly been spent at the cinema or trying to fit in some much needed snooze. I have a couple of long train journeys this weekend and lots I want to write about, so hopefully next week will bring regular posts and some sort of routine!

For now, I’ll leave you with something else to add to your ‘NEED/WANT/MUST HAVE’ list:

Photos from Amazon.co.uk; book published by Korero Books


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asos curve

Oh asos, I fell asleep at my laptop on Thursday night patiently awaiting the launch of curve and hurried into work early so I could take a sneaky peek and ended up cursing you for the extra sleep I could have had.

Like many other people in the fatshion blogosphere, I was expecting to be bedazzled, love-struck and about £100 worse off but I’m finding it really hard to like most of what has already been put up there. I also refuse to believe in a month of Sundays that the model is anywhere near a size 20, which is a shame because I’d quite like to see how everything is pulled off with someone that is actually a size that these clothes have been made in.

After reading Gabi’s asos curve review earlier on this week I had already made up my mind that I was in love with the blue swing coat and white lace kimono dress but after looking on the website I’m not so sure: the quality of the coat for £65 really doesn’t look that great at all to me and I can hardly see any detail on the white lace kimono dress:

I’m also really not liking the ruched bust on the middle dress and despite wanting a few lace items for my wardrobe, can’t help but think that they’ve got it completely wrong with the shrug and massive flowers… maybe I’m wrong?

asos are apparently really good with basics and whilst I’ve never purchased anything from the website (being fat an’ all…) I think they’ve done a fairly good job of incorporating this into the curve collection. But to me, that’s all it seems to be: basic. There aren’t many colourful pieces and the everything is pretty neutral; something I was really quite surprised to see.

I know they’re going to be adding more and more items so hopefully we’ll see a bit more balance to the collection but until then, I wait with baited breath.


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